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Authoring for Rhinegold Education: Submission guidelines

As the leading publisher of music education resources for secondary schools, we value our authors as the foundation of our business and work to build long-term relationships with them. Teachers and students using our publications benefit from our focus on quality, from project inception through a collaborative development process to publication. We research any and all proposals for new publications with a range of consultants and teachers.

If you have an idea for a new resource, we would like to hear from you. However, we receive a great many proposals and it would not only help you to decide whether Rhinegold Education is the right publisher for you, but help us to evaluate your idea if you follow the submission guidelines below. We will take your information and conduct further research of our own where appropriate, and if your proposal is of interest to us, an editor will contact you to discuss it.

Before submitting, please be sure to browse the Rhinegold Education catalogue to see what we already publish and who our main market is.

Please send any submissions to rhinegoldeducation@halleonardeurope.com with the subject line 'New submission'.

Submission Guidelines

As well as providing a general overview of the contents of your resource, your proposal should also ideally cover the following points:


Explain your vision for the product and how it will benefit teachers/students. Include your goals for the resource, the need you are trying to address, and a summary of your approach.


Identify the intended audience for your proposal, including teacher/student, age range, qualification, level, ability, etc, as appropriate.


Describe the unmet need. What challenge/obstacles do teachers/students face?


What format do you envisage for this resource? How do you envision the balance between print and media if any? How would the content be best used by the teacher/presented to the student?

USPs and competition

What are the unique selling points of your product that competitors don't cover? List any similar titles that would compete with the resource. Explain not only how your resource is different from competitors, but how it is better. Additionally:


How do you foresee your resource being used in practice? Would teachers buy a copy for themselves? Would they buy copies for their students?
Would students buy their own copy?
Consider how students are likely to read or otherwise interact with the content, and include the following information:

  1. Overall experience: Beyond the printed page, are any elements needed to provide an ideal learning experience? Consider audio, quizzes, video, interactive material, etc.
  2. Learning elements: Where appropriate, identify what pedagogical features will be included in the product and how students and teachers will assess learning (including learning outcomes) through examples, cases studies, review questions, objectives, projects, supporting online components, etc. Why have you chosen the particular features you will include?
  3. Licensing: Is your product likely to contain/make use of copyright materials, either print or audio? If so, do you have any early thoughts on what those materials might be? Elaborate on whether there are any licensed materials that are absolutely essential or whether they could be replaced with alternatives.

Additional Information