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Product spotlight: Focus on Sound

Created specifically for schools by a former teacher and examiner, Focus on Sound offers two comprehensive reference resources which help teach and assess listening skills and musical knowledge. Fully hosted online, they can be accessed anywhere, including on tablets and smartphones, and provide a great resource for the classroom as well as homework and revision opportunities.

Instruments features an extensive range of classical, jazz, folk, rock, pop and world music instruments, all demonstrated with images, video and audio examples. Furthermore, it provides advice for students and parents on what might be an appropriate instrument for them to take up. Sound Words is aimed at developing the listening skills required to identify the main terms at GCSE and A level, and provides clear definitions which are illustrated with video, audio and musical examples.

Built-in testing and assessment of the instrument and terminology knowledge allows you to monitor the progress of your students’ understanding and indentify weaknesses.

Focus on Sound has recently joined the Music Sales family of companies, and works nicely alongside Rhinegold Education’s printed resources. We caught up with the product’s creator, Simon Foxall, to find out more…

What led you to devise Focus on Sound?

As a class teacher myself there never seemed to be enough time to assemble materials like recordings, videos, listening tests and music scores. I felt the need to have somewhere I could find all these things really quickly, then be able to demonstrate them on a whiteboard or large screen. Something that was really easy to use, that provided lots of teacher/student interaction, and that the students could follow up with later in the lesson or at home.

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