GCSE Music student Charlie joins us on work experience

June 7, 2013 3:23 pm by Emma Cooper

This week we have been pleased to welcome Y10 GCSE Music student Charlie to the Rhinegold Education office on work experience. We gave Charlie a range of tasks associated with publishing the Rhinegold Education list, and appreciated her student eye on some of our new materials. (We also appreciated the delicious homemade chocolate brownies she brought in for us – possibly the best way to make friends and influence people in an office environment…!)

We asked Charlie to write a little post for us about her experience…

I have just completed a week of work experience at the Music Sales Group, working in one of their companies called Rhinegold Education. As Music Sales is a very musical company and Rhinegold Education publish books for GCSE Music and other music books, I thought it would be a good place to go because I love music and take it for GCSE.

I took GCSE Music because I felt that as well as playing instruments and performing, which I love, I would enjoy learning about a diverse range of music from all over the world, and also from the past along with the present. I was also interested in the idea of having the opportunity to compose my own music.

At the moment Rhinegold Education are working on a lot of digital publishing, converting their study aids into digital versions that you can download on most devices. I helped to convert the GCSE Study Guide by adding in clickable definitions of words and checking that the definitions matched the glossary in the book.

I found it a really good experience to mix a subject I love (music) with publishing, which I had never really tried before. I’m still not sure if I will go into publishing but I certainly enjoyed it and would definitely consider it in the future.

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