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TeachTalk: Music’s Debates in Education – Chris Philpott

February 12, 2013 4:56 pm by Emma Cooper

As we announced in our recent Expo news article, we are proud to be supporting TeachTalk: Music, who are curating an unmissable session at the forthcoming Music Education Expo.

Debates in Music Education, chaired by David Ashworth, will be on Thursday 21st March, 1.30-3.30pm in the TeachMeet Lounge, and will feature four key speakers: John Finney, Robert Bunting, Chris Philpott and Gary Spruce. In the style of the ‘flipped conference’, TeachTalk: Music are releasing papers by each speaker in advance so that the session can be devoted to as much discussion as possible.

The first paper by Chris Philpott has been released – download it here, and find the abstract below.

“This paper will explore the role of assessment in the self directed learning (SDL) of pupils, a theme that is relatively underexposed in the literature and support for school practice. It would be fair to say that self directed learning presents many challenges to current assessment practices, which are not easily adaptable to SDL, rendering the relationship highly problematic. more weight to pupil self-assessment and peer assessment.

While new models of assessment for new ‘pedagogies’ await further development, it is most likely that teachers will default to what Fautley calls ‘bolt on accessories’, instead of being reconfigured afresh’ (2010: 202). For the assessment of self directed learning critical questions surround whose music? Whose learning objectives? Whose criteria? Whose intervention? Whose targets? Whose outcomes? Whose assessment?”

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