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TeachTalk: Music’s Debates in Education – Gary Spruce

February 18, 2013 2:15 pm by Emma Cooper

As we announced in our recent Expo news article, we are proud to be supporting TeachTalk: Music, who are curating an unmissable session at the forthcoming Music Education Expo.

Debates in Music Education, chaired by David Ashworth, will be on Thursday 21st March, 1.30-3.30pm in the TeachMeet Lounge, and will feature four key speakers: John Finney, Robert Bunting, Chris Philpott and Gary Spruce. In the style of the ‘flipped conference’, TeachTalk: Music are releasing papers by each speaker in advance so that the session can be devoted to as much discussion as possible.

The third paper, by Gary Spruce, has been released – download it here. Gary says:

“In this presentation I will explore critical thinking as part of the framework of critical (social) theory and examine how, ‘properly embedded, critical thinking and understanding enables pupils to make connections between their musical learning in school and their lived reality, and thus empower them as learners’ (Spruce 2009: 36). Critical thinking is conceptualized here as a key element in the development of a more socially just society in which all are enabled to fully participate. I will argue however that in order to create the conditions within which critical thinking can flourish, we need to examine the ways in which knowledge is conceptualized and understood and how knowledge, particularly in school, is positioned in relation to the ‘knower’ or ‘learner’. I will suggest that such a reconceptualization will inevitably present challenges to some pedagogical approaches.”

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