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TeachTalk: Music’s Debates in Education – John Finney

February 27, 2013 2:53 pm by Emma Cooper

As we announced in our recent Expo news article, we are proud to be supporting TeachTalk: Music, who are curating an unmissable session at the forthcoming Music Education Expo.

Debates in Music Education, chaired by David Ashworth, will be on Thursday 21st March, 1.30-3.30pm in the TeachMeet Lounge, and will feature four key speakers: John Finney, Robert Bunting, Chris Philpott and Gary Spruce. In the style of the ‘flipped conference’, TeachTalk: Music are releasing papers by each speaker in advance so that the session can be devoted to as much discussion as possible.

The final paper, by John Finney, has been released – download it here. John examines the ideology of musical composition, and asks you to reflect on these questions:

• Who is entitled to be the main agent of power, teacher or student?
• Is the idea of musical composition hopelessly tethered to a Western European aesthetic?
• Who provides the material as the starting point for exploratory practice?
• Is the teacher-led composing workshop doomed to deny students ownership of learning?

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