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Rock Your GCSE Music: Student Handbook

Rock Your GCSE Music: Student Handbook

Series Editor Andrew S. Coxon Compiled by Rockschool


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    Product Details
  • Published on: 08/09/12
  • Format: Book
  • ISBN: 9781780385815
  • Length: 94 pages

The Rock Your GCSE Music series has been devised to help with the group performing element of your GCSE Music exam through the medium of great rock and pop music.

This student handbook offers background and context to each of the eight featured songs, with analysis of the musical elements and techniques used which are relevant to your GCSE studies. There are also performance notes from the experts at Rockschool for rock-band players to help you achieve your potential in performance.

Supplementary material including video demonstrations and further reading/listening are available. please see the Supplementary Content tab to the right.

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Supplementary materials including video demos and further background reading are available in the My Account area, which can be accessed with a code printed inside the student handbook.

Browse what's available below, and register with My Account to access.



Project 1: Jailhouse Rock

pdf Icon

Page 2: Colonel Tom Parker

More information about Elvis Presley's manager

pdf Icon

Page 3: More information about rock and roll films of the 1950s

Background and examples of the greatest rock and roll films

pdf Icon

Page 4: Examples and variants of the 12-bar blues

Examples of other songs that use the 12-bar blues pattern

video Icon

Page 7: Jailhouse Rock barred A shape chord1

A video demonstration of how to execute that iconic opening chord

pdf Icon

Page 8: Finger warm-up exercises for guitarists

A guide to warming up before you play

video Icon

Page 8: Video demo of picking techniques for guitarists

Video demonstration of picking techniques

pdf Icon

Page 10: Rock and roll guitar solos

Links to examples of the greatest guitar solos

pdf Icon

Page 11: Skiffle groups using slap back style1

Some examples of and links to the great slap back bass players of the skiffle era

pdf Icon

Page 12: The Hayride radio show

Background information on the Hayride radio show

Project 2: We Can Work It Out

pdf Icon

Page 16: The Beatles further reading

A list of some of the best books on the Beatles with links to Amazon to get you started on your Beatles journey of discovery!

pdf Icon

Page 18: The Rockschool Guide to Tone for Guitarists

A starter guide to the basics of getting your guitar tone right

video Icon

Page 19: We Can Work It Out guitar sequences

A video demonstration to help you practise these guitar sequences

Project 3: Clocks

audio Icon

Page 31: Drum loop for practising the kick drum

Drum loop with the kick drum so you can hear how it should sound

audio Icon

Page 31: Drum loop for practising the kick drum

Drum loop without the kick drum for you to add in yourself

Project 4: Lean On Me

pdf Icon

Page 36: Lean on Me cover versions

A list of the numerous cover versions of this song, with links to YouTube clips

video Icon

Page 39: Lean On Me chords

Video demonstration of the barre chords for guitarists

Project 5: Ruby

video Icon

Page 50: Ruby bass line

Video demonstration of picking the Ruby bass line

Project 6: Live and Let Die

pdf Icon

Page 55: James Bond film tracks

James Bond soundtrack trivia and links to the iconic theme songs

video Icon

Page 57: Live and Let Die opening chords

Video demonstration of the opening chords for guitarists

video Icon

Page 57: Live and Let Die chorus section

Video demonstration of the guitar fingering for the chorus section

Project 7: Rolling in the Deep

video Icon

Pages 69 and 70: Rolling in the Deep palm muting and bass picking

Video demonstration of palm muting for guitarists and picking for bassists

Project 8: No Woman, No Cry

pdf Icon

Page 78: Lee Perry and roots reggae

More background on this reggae pioneer

pdf Icon

Page 79: The Hammond organ

More information about this iconic instrument

video Icon

Page 80: No Woman No Cry string skipping

Video demonstration of string skipping for guitarists on No Woman, No Cry